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As we all know, the publishing model has been forever changed in the electronic age in which we live. As a composer/musician, I can attest that it certainly is a boon to my personal efforts to share and distribute my own music.

The very heart of being a composer is, of course, composing music and sharing it with the world, both through distribution and performance. In order to accomplish these objectives, it is important to have a business model that satisfies the objectives of all; the composer (conceives the music), the technician (puts music into a deliverable form, (digital and printed score, audio recording, mp3, CD, etc.), and the consumer (those who purchase and perform the music for their audiences). After researching the market of self publishing I believe I have adopted the best practices in the industry.

The price structure is as follows:

1. short solo/duets (1 or 2 copies) - $10 (or less depending on length)
2. octavos (1-5 copies) - $5; (multiple copies) add $1 per copy
3. larger works - priced accordingly

Our publishing model largely depends on you as we trust that our customers will follow the pricing regulations.

If you are interested to record any of the works available here, we will also grant a recording license. Contact me for details.

Since I am selling digital files, it is important to understand that the file or its printed copy cannot be transferred to another individual or organization, and the file can only be retained to print replacement copies as needed. This means that the licensee (organization or individual) that purchased the rights to the digital file is only authorized to produce an agreed upon number of copies (as purchased through PayPal) for the performing members of the organization's ensemble.

Having been a music director for decades, I also encourage (and allow) your organization to print two (2) extra copies to hold in file over and above the agreed upon amount, in the event of loss or damage and the need to unexpectedly retrieve those reserve copies for rehearsal or other pressing need.



Francis Koerber

Composer, Publisher