Consider The Size of the Helix Nebulae and Get Some Perspective! (see calculations below)

The Speed of Light

The speed of light equals 186,000 mps (miles per second)

that equals 669,600,000 mph (miles per hour)

that equals 5,865,696,000,000 miles per year (that's 5 trillion and change!)

The New Horizons Spacecraft

Our fastest space craft, (New Horizons) travels at 35,186.94036 miles/hour (Okay, round it off to 35,187)

So if you divide that number into the number of miles per year at the speed of light that, it equals 166,700,656 hours for the spacecraft to travel the distance of one light year.

Are you still with me?

Hours in our Year

One of earth's years is equal to 8760 hours

Length of Time to Travel One Light Year in the New Horizon Spacecraft

Therefor it takes 19,030 earth years going at the top speed of 35,187mph to travel one light year.

Traveling the span of The Helix Nebulae

The Helix Nebulae spans the distance of 2.5 light years which means it would take the New Horizon Spacecraft 47,574 earth years to travel from end to end. Have a nice trip!