Sanctus Bells

Four Sets of Bells (each set containing four bells) | FREE |

Four Sets of Bells: (Ascending Pitches)

G, B, D, F# - Advent (spread of M7) (A new bell is added each week, similar to the Advent wreath) eg., G is sounded alone on the first Sunday, B,D and F# are muted. G and B are sounded on the second Sunday, etc.
A, D, F#, B - Christmas (spread of M9) (both the Advent set and the Christmas set can be rung simultaneously for Midnight Mass)
E, B, D#, G# - Ordinary Time (spread of M10)
A, C#, B, E - Easter (spread of M12) (All four sets of bells can be rung for the Gloria on Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil)

The theology:
-Advent is four weeks, close together each successively building toward Christmas. (successive thirds)
-Christmas continues the successive interval building during Advent, and adds a final third in a joyous chord that resolves from Advent (IV) to Christmas (I six-four with an added ninth in tribute to the angelic realm)
-Ordinay Time shifts to a completely different mood (mode) in a lower key
-Easter similar to Christmas in range and tonality but has a larger spread boasting the number of Christian perfection (12)

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